Explanation Wizard Skins

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5. The content
Defining the content takes more than defining the pages from the last chapter. As said before, you need to define the following variables:
The easiest way to get something usefull on your site is by filling in the variables like this:

Now we have a simple list with all the ringtones below each other. For the layout we had in mind, that is a little too simple. As shown above it is not possible to show two columns beside each other. We must use a table for this.

When we do, it will look like this:

You can see that all variables have an ODD and an EVEN version. This gives you the opportunity to show a difference between the EVEN and the ODD lines. In our example we will keep them the same. Because we are working with two columns, we gave the TD a width of 50% at the mm_wizard_table_colstart_odd_sound.
mm_wizard_table_content_odd_sound contains the content of one ringtone. In this example it took a large piece of HTML to get the desired layout. When we write the code completely, with all enters, it will look like this:

In normal HTML it would be like this:

These links don't work yet, but once they are part of the complete Skin that is no longer a problem!

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