Explanation Wizard Skins

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2. How does it work
Allright, how do Skins really work ? A Skin is nothing but a configuration file, that defines the way your Wizard output should look like. There are a few variables in this configuration file, which you can fill with HTML code to make sure you'll have the desired layout. This configuration file is a javascript file. For example this one.

In case you want to show ringtones, you can fill these variables:
We use the contents of these variables to create your layout with the information in the database. It may seem a little difficult now, but it will be clear soon.
Because we need to combine the contents of the database (in this case the name of the artist, title, ordernumber etc.) with your layout, we use so called Placeholders. A Placeholder determines where a certain text will be placed, like the name of an Artist or the Title of a song.
The following Placeholders are available:

We have a Top 10. We want to show the position first and then the artist. We want to link the title with the salespopup.
In HTML you would do it like this:

With the Placeholders you would do it like this:

We replace all Placeholders with the right information, straight from the database.

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